Roblox Craze


My friend Michael introduced me to Roblox this Spring when I left Arcado School for the Ivy Prep Leadership Academy. Roblox can be played with friends over network. I loved the game so much that I now have several thousand friends who join me on different adventures. I learnt how to survive Tsunami, the sinking Titanic and dealing with an intruder in the house!  I asked my Dad to buy me a monthly subscription so I can create my own places. He is so nice to get me started and even got Michael bonus coins. Now I look forward to playing different adventures and learn from them.

This Summer, my chacha and chachji visited from India enroute to their cruise to Alaska and I had fun knowing them. Chachi brought me personalized story books and we all went to Lake Lanier, Stone Mountain, CNN Studios, Centennial Olympic Park, Coca-Cola Museum etc. They loved the laser show culminating with fireworks at the Stone Mountain.

I wanted to spend more time with them so my Dad allowed me to travel with them to New York where I had fun with Kiki bhaiya, Renu buaji and fufafji. I had no problem adjusting there as I played games and learnt a lot of new things on his desktop computer! Chachaji took me on sightseeing tour of New York city where Kiki bhaiya took me to the premier of Amazing Spiderman 3D movie. I also watched a bit of “Teri Meri Kahani”. I loved the Hindi movie so much, I wondered why I could not watch the whole thing 😉

Dad came to Newyork to spend a week with Buaji and they shopped/packed for their cruise to Alaska. Dad showed me rest of Newyork by taking me to Coney Island where I enjoyed the famous Coney Dog and learnt about the annual eating competition. Next day we went to Museum of Natural History where “Night at the Museum” was shot. I recongnized the dinosaur in the front lobby that becomes alive in the movie! Then we visited Central park and did boating. I guided my Dad so he wouldn’t bump into any rocks! We saw lots of turtles and ducks in the water. After that I enjoyed my Sponge Bob Square Pants popsickle.

Our last day July 4th was spent visiting Intrepid Museum where I saw an Aircraft carrier with lots of baby planes used for fighting. I also went inside a submarine to see how tight the spaces were. Yikes, doesn’t it get stuffy inside the sub? Dad then took me to see July 4th fireworks near our apartment and it lasted full 34 minutes.

I had a very enjoyable family summer vacation. Thank you Dad!

Don’t know what happened to global warming but the weather seems to have been a lot MORE colder lately.

It even snowed in Atlanta yesterday (few inches) that paralyzed the city, thank God it was the long weekend so everybody hopefully stayed home and watched opening of the Winter Olympic games in Vancouver, Canada.

Papa and I made a snowman in front of our house and threw snow balls at each other.. What a fun it was. I didn’t have to visit Canada to experience the true great white north.

Until next time,

Super Mario addiction

When Dad  was younger he had little to choose from when it came to video game systems.  Even those of his friend, who had earlier systems like Atari, were blown away when Nintendo came onto the scene in a big way.

They would spend hours upon hours playing Duck Hunt and Donkey Kong… but no game lived in their hearts and the minds the way Super Mario Bros did!  Long before Yoshi came into the picture, we forced Mario and Luigi to squash mushrooms and bang their heads repeatedly into bricks.  It’s a good thing video game characters can’t get brain damage.

A month ago, I got hooked onto playing Super Mario flash games online in a small DOS like window with tiny characters. I explored so many versions that I picked Super Mario DVD’s from local Blockbuster yesterday when Dad took me there. Dad has now invested in a Wii system and will have Super Mario suite of games for me soon. I love you so much…. Papa!

ज़िन्दगी  और  कुछ  भी नहीं..
आप  की..
हम  सब  की..कहानी  है

My Papa is introducing me to play his Yamaha Music keyboard PSR-1100.  Someday I will be able to play like these little champs 🙂  Enjoy..

Happy New Year

Wish you a very happy new year. May this new year bring all the happiness and joy in your life.

नए वर्ष की हार्दिक शुभ कामनाएं..

Achievments of 2009

As I say “good bye” to our dear “2009″, I thought of revisiting what exactly was this year for Anish. It was good and bad.
Let’s talk about good part first

  • I turned 4 on Nov 8 and am able to speak clearly. Write my name and spell few words.
  • Papa set me with my own computer which I am able to play games (Super Mario, Cake Mania, Tropix, Tropix2, Azteca etc)
  • I am very comfortable using mouse and am able to surf the net, typing keywords in google search and able to install games and other software (My dad has antivirus and firewall installed but still gets heart attacks when he sees what got installed)
  • My favorite food is Starkist baked fish and drinkable yogurt.
  • I got lots of toys for Christmas incl a WII console.
  • I also watch DVD’s, the favorite movies being Indiana Jones, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Mummy etc
  • I love my house, specially climbing like spiderman on the railings 😉
  • I went to Stone Mountain for Christmas and enjoyed million light bulbs there

And now the bad part

  • I don’t get to spend as much time with my dad as I would like to.

As you can see, I have more good items than bad…so overall, good “wins”, so definitely I say my sincere thanks to 2009 and welcome 2010 with lots of hope.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. I hope Santa brings a bag full joy and happiness for everybody :-)

Hello world!

Welcome to my first post… Please check it frequently so you know what I am upto! – Anish Goyal